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PAB-PCR&F Institute

Research and forecasts for the Polish construction market

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Who we are?

PAB – PCR&F INSTITUTE is a private scientific and research institute specialising in economic analysis of the construction industry. PAB was established in 2000 by specialists with 20 years of experience in activity within the construction industry.


The network was established in 1974 by a number of specialised research institutes and consulting organisations as a study group for construction analysis and forecasting. It has since expanded from the core group to include almost all Western European countries (the European Union and EFTA) and four Central-Eastern European states. At present, EUROCONSTRUCT has member institutes in 19 European countries.

Our aims

Permanent scientific research on the field of investment and building processes, the construction industry and building market.

Preparation and issuing of reports on scientific research initiated by PAB itself as well as on orders from firms and different Polish and foreign organisations.

Our activity

  • Industry forecasting: short, medium and long-term construction and investment forecasts
  • Workload surveys: permanent surveys of construction activity by branches and regions
  • Economic analysis: research and reports focused on the construction industry network
  • Statistics: preparing database and performing data researches and analyses
  • Monitoring: real and permanent processes of searching for changes creation of the construction industry situation
  •  Construction market research: market capacity, its diversification and opportunities for entering.

Our Specialties

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Business Consulting

Contruction Market Research

in-depth analyses

constant market monitoring

forecasts for construction industry

demand and supply analysis

What can we do for your company

Our offer

PAB supplies top professional research and services on individual orders. We can perform the entire research cycle (from preparation of a research project to the final report) in the range of quantitative research, qualitative research and desk research.  

Analysis of demand, supply and competition on construction and building materials market

Cost and price analysis on construction market and building materials as well

Construction and tendering procedure advisory services

Research on competition level in the construction and building materials market


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